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MDTEQ provides  neurodiagnostic procedures performed by professional, Board certified and qualified Technologists.

MDTEQ offers portable neurodiagnostic procedures in 
medical facilities or hospitals at a affordable for patients and profitable for facilities.  All we need is a room in your facility to perform the test for your referred patients .

MDTEQ  provides neurodiagnostic testing with interpretation even for cash patients with no insurance. No need for  referrals.

Affordable and reliable services.

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 MDTEQ is for you and for
 patients we care!
A Biofeedback Guide to your Health!

MDTEQ provides high quality, reliable and affordable portable neurodiagnostic testing  in your facility by appointment or as may be arranged and mutually agreed. Our staff  are ABRET Board Licensed and/or ASET/WSET/AASM certified members  & professionals with reputable and long experiences in the field.
MDTEQ utilizes the latest digital medical equipments in neurodiagnostics. We provide print outs,USB or  CD copy of test results, may be stored in your system or may be emailed to you as may be agreed mutually.  We do preliminary reports and may provide optional interpretation by a reputable Neurologist upon request. You bill the procedures we perform on your patients while we charge the referring facility affordable flat rates.  Please contact us for price quotation and other questions.

Our neurodiagnotic tools are being utilized worldwide in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in hospitals, clinics and medical facilities which also give biofeedbacks.  EEG, PSG, ENG, TCD, EKG and other Doppler and autonomic testing procedures determine the physiological state or condition of the body and brain, may it be showing within normal or significant findings. These diagnostic tools play an essential role and guide for physicians or medical providers to assess and help their clients or patients.

Likewise, nerve conduction studies and EMG help in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases of the nerves and muscles through electrical stimulation that determine the physiological state or condition of the nerves related to the patient or client symptoms.


  • AUTONOMIC TESTING (95924-95943) 
  • EVOKED POTENTIAL STUDIES (92585/95930/ 95925/95926)
  • PSG OR SLEEP STUDIES (95810-11) 

The aim of this website is to share the most of our knowledge, skills, expertise and exceptional performance in neurodiagnostics and be of help to your needs.  
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
We manage and perform portable neurodiagnostic procedures in contracted hospital or doctor's facility or location by appointment only.
Tutorial workshops or online training courses may be offered for free or as may be requested with minimal fee.
To help neurophysiology technicians, we  added to this homepage, some tips that may be useful in doing their job based from our experiences.
We will do our best to update this website. We need your feedback,comments and suggestions that we may be able to help you more. It will also give us the inspiration to continue updating.
                           SLEEP STUDY OR POLYSOMNOGRAM

 EEG, Visual and Somatosensory Procedures

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another EEG recording sample
                 Digital EEG recording
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Tips on how to record SEP-
If you could not pick up the response even when all electrodes are checked and connected properly,remind patient to relax while doing the test by helping them to recline comfortably. Some feel better when they slouch, Some feel more comfortable when they are talking, others when they are quiet.

On infant and toddler EEG, it's better to let parents carry the child if uncooperative to make them feel comfortable while doing the procedure but put a roll of towel or barrier between them to avoid picking up EKG or other artifacts from carrier. Establish and maintain rapport with patients.
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