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Dr. John Enayati
Internal Medicine

Dr. Lisa Cook

Do you know that baking soda powder works wonders not only in your health but also in all your daily chores at home or anywhere. It will also save you a lot of money while you maintain your good health, hygiene, cleanliness and safe environment.

Some of the many benefits of baking soda:

1. Add to Laundry washing
2.  Add to dish washing and as cleaning detergent in the kitchen
,3. Add to brushing and cleaning teeth
4.  Add to your bathing soap and in cleaning the toilet
5.  Add to cleaning detergents to clean the house or facility.
Mixing a spoonful of them to a bottle or bucket of water makes them as cleaning detergent.

Literary Corner

Mother, my love for you will stay and everyday is Mother's Day.
I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name on the sand but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay.
I love you mom.

To Mom and Dad

I love you guys.
You gave birth to me
You raised me
You love me and 

From Mymy

Short Story: 
The Captive and the Captor
 by Msimers

Clutching the towel to her still dripping body, Julie raced her voice with a scream as she approached her bedroom window, “Help, help, help….” It’s 2am and she was not sure if somebody heard her at all from her remote location in the middle of nowhere.  All she knew, she had to get out of that seemingly abandoned house for ages before her captor comes back.  She was taking a bath when she heard Sam – her captor drove away in his noisy old car.  How long was she been missing?  Its been a week now since Julie was caught off guard by Sam, who was spying on her without her knowledge as she walked in a dark, hardly passed  alley - a short cut towards home after work.  Her beautiful young face at 20 didn’t escape his evil hunting eyes.  Sam was really waiting for somebody to be victimized that night and she was the perfect prey.  He grabbed her from behind as he covered her face with a cloth that made her fall into slumber in his arms instantly.  The next thing she remembered, she was already a captive waiting to be devoured or raped. 
Sam must be of her same age group and good-looking, although its obvious that he was starving or very poor to do such evil act to someone innocent like her. Oddly, he never hurt or abused her.  Aside from the house confinement, she was free and fed very well. Who must be the mastermind who hired Sam to abduct her.
It was extremely hot that night so she decided to take a shower but she was still taking a bath when she heard his car drove off.   She had to act quickly to escape but the doors and windows were all locked tight from outside.  All she could do was scream out loud with a cry.  So tired and exhausted screaming and crying for help, she fell asleep to be awakened only by a bang on the door.  Sleepily, she peeped through a small hole from the side door and saw a uniformed roving policeman waiting at the doorway. 
 “Hello…anyone in there…. please open the door….”
Julie jumped up with big relief crying out loud,  “Yes…. I beg you to break the door open for I’m abducted and alone inside.  Hurry up before he comes back, please….” 
In no time the door slammed and dropped open with a loud noise.  “Thank goodness, are you ok?”  John was the rescue policeman. She nodded with terrified face and teary eyes.   “Get out of here real quick and go inside the car.”  He commanded her as he waved his co-policeman in the car to help her in.
John answered a phone call: “Got her Sam.  Thank you for reporting this matter to us.  Julie is safe and we’ll return her home. Remain in hiding and we’ll protect you until we caught them, ok.”
John entered the car saying to Julie, “ You’re so lucky Sam set you free.
Keep quiet while we hunt for the mastermind.”
An hour after they left the area, a group of four gangsters arrived and so furious their captive disappeared.  They were trying to reach Sam over the phone in vain.  “ He’s dead for sure.”
As they rush out to their motorbikes, a group of police cars barricaded and caught them all by surprise. “Hey, why are you ‘cuffing us?  We didn’t do anything wrong?”  Nevertheless, they were handcuffed. “No evil deed could escape punishment.”  Eric, the policeman uttered to himself as he drove off with them.
A year after the incident, Julie accidentally tripped down to her knees as she neared her car to drive home.  As she tried to get up, Sam’s face showed up with a smile on his face.  “Hi, remember me…. Don’t be scared…. You changed my life…. I decided to renew my life because of you…. Please forgive me….”
Julie was shocked but no longer scared.  She noticed the big change in his outlook and his handsome face shines more with his neat navy blue suit and light blue necktie.  She couldn’t deny her gladden expression that she had forgiven and was willing to trust him after all. 
Six months later, a wedding ceremony was held in the small town where Julie and Sam decided to exchange vows in the altar.  Who would think that a captive and her captor would end up in marriage…. And they lived happily ever after with five children.
Five years laters….It was spring time when the family went on a camping trip.  As they were having a picnic lunch in the woods,  a group of motorbikers suddenly came in  and shouted at them.  “Hey Sam….Is that you and Julie?”
Sam suddenly got up by surprise and wondered how to react.  Shocked Julie looked at Sam and then at the motorbikers.  “Who are you?”
“ Cheers…. I know we don’t look the same anymore because of our helmets and beards but we’re the policemen who helped you, remember?” Of course, it’s John covered with beard and moustache under his helmet with his peers.
“Oh my God....  You scared us to death….  We thought you were the bad guys.”  The couple calmed down and welcomed the motor bikers.  John assured them, “Forget the past and enjoy your lives.  You deserve to be happy and congratulations.” The bikers accepted their invitation to eat together.  Big laughs and jokes could be heard all around the campsite.   “Sam, your boy really looked like you and even the girls…. Julie, you haven’t changed.  You still look beautiful.  No wonder Sam came back anew and changed.  You’re really meant for each other. A unique love story, isn’t it?” John sighed in disbelief. Hahahaha……hahahaha…..hahahaha…….
Happy and proud Sam embraced Julie over and over again.

Events -You're invited
What: Free Evangelical Mission/Bible Studies

When:  Every Monday, Thursday or Friday by appointment ( schedule sometimes vary)

Place of Worship: 14803 Nordhoff Street, Panorama City, California 91402 (location may vary for Bible studies)

 Contact: 818-633-8416 (if interested to attend for details)
My First
A martini bird was my first pet during my elementary years.
Its memory lingers to present as she was so smart and adorable.
I personally trained her to  fly everywhere, yet anytime I called her, she rushed to my shoulder.
At the end of the day, she always landed on top of my radio where she listened quietly beside me till bedtime.
She ate bread and scrambled egg I shared with her.
Sometimes, I saw her flying away with her group of martini birds but she never forget to return back to me.
One rainy day, to my great despair, she never returned   and still wondering what really happened to her.
My mom consoled me to just look up and wave up the sky whenever her group flew by and be happy for my martini bird.
Jingo and my Cat Mimi
Jingo was my first dog colored golden brown.
He was so brave  and a great scare to strangers.
But for me he's the best dog in my childhood. He hate cats but when I adopted Mimi he accepted her wholeheartedly.
They sleep together and both loved to play with me in and out doors.

Jinky was my College Pet Dog
Jinky taught me to be very responsible and be independent away from home while finishing my degree.
She looked like a cute rat as a newborn but she grew up to a beautiful light gray dutchhound.
Because of her company, I enjoyed my struggles in college.
She was one of my inspirations and solace
As I dedicated my full concentration in my studies

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